FIFA WORLD CUP TOUR : 14 June – 15 July, 2018

This is a small, first-class tour tailored for the discerning traveller looking for additional comfort and service whilst enjoying
all that Russia and the FIFA World Cup have to offer.

Tour Summary

Welcome to our FIFA World Cup tour to Russia. We have just returned from an extensive tour, and meetings and inspections with all stakeholders, so we are now in a position to present our program.
Our tour consists of 15 nights, with:

  • 3 nights Moscow
  • 4 nights Kazan
  • 3 nights Samara
  • 5 nights Sochi

And for those wishing to extend, we have an option of:

  • 3 nights in St Petersburg.

We have limited this tour to a maximum of 50 clients, with the whole group traveling together all the time, and everyone in the same hotels. All hotels are either 4 or 5 star, and all centrally located in each city. Please see the links on the itinerary for the hotels and locations. The tour will be fully escorted by a Premium Sport Tours tour manager, a football celebrity and a Russian bi-lingual speaking guide from our land operator.
We will also be using local guides in each city. All internal travel is included between cities, and the only additional cost is your international airfares, which we can provide for you at our group rate, or you can book your own flights, if you wish.


Tickets are NOT included with the tour package. Tickets can only be purchased through FIFA.


Ticketing is divided into 2 Sales Phases:

Sales Phase 1, prior to the match draw (Dec 1), and commenced with a “Random Draw” (concluded), followed by a “First Come First Served Draw” (Nov 16-28)

Sales Phase 2, is after the match draw, and commences with a “Random Draw” (Dec 5-Jan 31), followed by a “First Come First Served Draw” (Mar 13- Apr 3)

There is also a “Last Minute” sales phase, but we do not recommend you wait for this. If you are planning to go to Russia, we suggest you purchase tickets either in the “First Come First Served Draw” prior to the match draw, or enter the “Random Draw” after the match schedule has been announced on Dec 1.

Ticket Type

We suggest 2 different ticket options:

Team Specific Tickets (TST) will follow Australia for the 3 group matches (TST3), and can also be continued right up to, and including the final (TST7). Should Australia not proceed further than the group stage, then your ticket will allow you to follow the team that progresses from our group. TST tickets will only be available in Sales Phase 1.

Supporter Tickets (ST) will also follow Australia for the 3 group matches and Conditional Supporters Tickets (CST) will follow Australia, should they proceed further. These tickets are only available during the “Random Draw” of Sales Phase 2.


To apply for tickets, you will need to create and open an account. This will be available at the below link, but will not be available until the Sales Phase opens.

My Request

You can track the progress of your ticket request, application information, and ticket delivery details.

Ticket Prices

The prices indicated are for all Ticket Products and categories, which are available for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, and include all applicable taxes.​​

The Fan ID is a personalised visitor card, which needs to be obtained by everyone attending FIFA World Cup. It can only be obtained with your ticket number, or order – so until you have your tickets, you cannot get your Fan ID. You will need to produce both your Fan ID and match ticket to obtain entry to the stadium.

The Fan ID will be issued free of charge and can be used instead of the requirement of obtaining a Russian visa, thus saving you some hundreds of dollars. (Applicable only if arriving 10 days before, or departing 10 days after the tournament dates).

The Fan ID will also provide free public transport on the match routes of the local city on match day.

The Fan ID will be delivered to your nominated address 3 weeks prior to your departure, and you will need this to board your flight to Russia (in lieu of visa).

Below is a link to the Fan ID. You will need all relevant passport details, contact details, ticket information and a coloured photo.

  • Fan ID can only be obtained from the official site. You will not be admitted to the stadium or be able to board a flight without it.

  • Only airlines and accredited travel agents are licensed to sell airline tickets. Do not buy your flight tickets from operators not licensed to sell them, as you may not actually have a ticket.Is your land operator a licensed and accredited travel agent? Click Here to Check
  • Premium Sport Tours have been to the last 3 FIFA World Cups in Germany (2006), South Africa (2010) & Brazil (2014). We have been appointed and accredited by FIFA as an Official Travel Agent.There are many travel agents who know a lot about travel. And there are many football organizations that know a lot about football. But there are not many who know a lot (and specialize in) both.

You hope your trip will go perfectly. So do we. However, if something goes wrong, having travel insurance can help protect your financial future.

Travel Insurance is highly recommended when travelling.

Points to consider when comparing InSurance Policies at a glance. Does your Insurance provider:

  • Have 24/7 GP assist by Australian in-house medical team?
  • Offer medical evacuations where appropriate to first world medical care?
  • Make Direct payment for hospital bills, not reimbursements after you have settled your own bill?
  • Have New for old replacement of luggage items (less than 2 years old and with receipt)?
  • Cover lost or misplaced items in aeroplanes, trains, cruise ships and other public areas?
  • Offer FREE Global SIM card